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People look for new jobs because they are unhappy in their position or feel they deserve more than what they currently have. This is why the message is simple and so prominent; 'Get the job you deserve'. Our intention is to let the visitor know we understand a new job is a life-changing decision rather than a simple list of tabulated data.

Software Placements, a Dublin based IT recruitment agency, asked us to create a new online presence for their brand that stood out from the crowd. Having already successfully launched a number of recruitment agency websites we were delighted to delve back into the sector with a new purpose.

International appeal

Since the audience is outside Ireland one of our goals was to build trust for the site user.

The footer of every page contains the company’s registered office, company number, phone, fax and email. This gives users a sense that this is a real company with a way to verify this. The about page has a section dedicated to the Software Placements team. Clicking on a team member reveals their bio and direct contact details. Giving people a face, a name, an idea of the sector a team member manages and direct contact details builds more trust and confidence in the brand.

Improved site speed

The old website had a lot of issues with load times. In our tests the site took on average 12 seconds to load and received a F grade on GTMetrix. Users start leaving websites after 2.5 seconds so this was a big problem.

We moved the website over to a much better hosting system which has 4 levels of caching to improve site speed, next we configured CloudFlare to add another level of caching and a security buffer. The coding of the website is all done in house and from the ground up so this means there is no code bloat anywhere on the site. This attention to detail really means all the minor tweaks slowly add up to big gains in performance. The end result is the website now receives a grade of A (93%) on GTMetrix.

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