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The Positive Impact Videos Can Have On Your Website

Content doesn’t have to be limited to text or static images. Add eye-catching videos to draw visitors in and explain more in a few minutes than you could with 10 pages of text. Taking the extra time to make videos might be holding you back from adding them to your site, but the positive impact is well worth the time.

Your website visitors prefer visuals in most cases and what’s better than a video? People love watching videos, but they usually skim long, detailed, text heavy pages. What if they miss something important? Sometimes it’s best to say it with video. Remember, content includes video and having a mixture of different types of content on your site keeps visitors more engaged and search engines happy with your site.

The Positive Impact Videos Can Have On Your Website

Professional videos boost your site’s reputation and performance.

Connect Better With Website Visitors

Getting the tone and personality of your brand across in text is difficult, but not impossible. When you’re talking in front of a camera, it’s simple to insert your own personality and make your brand easier for visitors to connect to. Instead of trying to write something, you’re talking to your visitors as directly as possible. It’s as close to a face-to-face conversation as you’re likely to get. This connection alone is enough to make visitors remember your brand when it comes time to make a purchase.

Boost Your Reputation With Google

One of the many ranking factor’s in Google’s search algorithm is bounce rate. In Google’s eyes, if visitors are leaving your site quickly, the content must not be useful. This drops your rank. Videos encourage visitors to stay around longer. Instead of skimming text based content and leaving in 30 seconds, videos keep visitors on your site for an average of two minutes.

One company even saw a 34% decrease in their bounce rate after adding regular videos to their content strategy. The improved bounce rate helps your site rank higher. In fact, optimised videos can help increase your odds of being on Google’s front page by 53%.

Raise Your Conversion Rates

If you’re trying to sell a product or service, video is a must. Most business owners are always on the lookout for ways to increase conversion rates when one of the easiest is to create videos with a call-to-action at the end. If you don’t believe it, studies have shown people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

When Zappos started adding product videos, their conversion rate increased between 6% and 30%, depending on the product. Visitors would rather see a product in action than simply taking your word for it. Plus, someone watching a video is far more likely to see your call-to-action than someone who quickly skims a blog post, product description or other content.

Make Life Easier For Mobile Users

Scrolling through long blocks of text is annoying for most mobile users and video offers the perfect solution to stop all the scrolling. In fact, 69% of smartphone users prefer videos to learn more about a product or service. Tablet users love video too with 33% watching at least an hour a day on their devices.

With mobile usage surpassing desktop usage, it’s important to make your site as mobile friendly as possible. Videos give you the opportunity to say more in the limited space your mobile visitors have on their screens.

Showcase Your Products Better

You could post dozens of images and try to write a catchy product description. These are effective, but a video allows you to show off your product from every angle. You can post tutorials so visitors learn more about why they might use your product or to even learn more about how to use it after they’ve purchased it. Finally, your visitors can hear the passion and excitement in your voice as you tell them about all the features of your products. This gets them excited too, leading to higher conversion rates.

Set Your Site Apart Now

Video usage is on the rise as more site owners discover the positive impact videos can have on their websites. You don’t have to rely solely on videos, but making them part of your product listings or regular content strategy is key to staying competitive, boosting conversion rates and improving overall visitor satisfaction.

Eager to learn how to improve your brand and site with videos? Contact Hidden Depth today to start deepening the connection between your brand and your visitors.

Image: Garry Knight

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